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Joseph & Company, LLC strives to provide excellent customer service in all that we do.  Each of our auctions is hand-crafted to meet the needs of our clients, and we offer an effective solution to those who need to liquidate their assets under a variety of circumstances, including:  


For businesses that are closing and need to liquidate, or for companies that have surplus inventory and need to liquidate


For those retiring and downsizing, or who may have inherited an estate or other valuables and need to liquidate


The first step in the process is to give us a call.  After answering a few questions, we will determine the best plan for your situation.  While we generally recommend a competitive public auction, sometimes individual circumstances require a different approach to asset liquidation.  


Once we have a plan in place, the process is simple.  We handle all aspects of your auction, including: cataloging, advertising, sales and removal.  Our mission is to provide excellent customer service, and we welcome our clients to be involved with their auction as much or as little as they desire.


The Seller’s commission is a percentage (%) of the final selling price at auction. We do not charge up-front or hidden fees, and our commission is inclusive of marketing and overhead.  Our commission differs based on the type, size, rarity and condition of objects being consigned.  We always strive to keep commissions competitive, and we feel they reflect our quality and standard of service.


After your auction, you will receive a Settlement Statement outlining what your items sold for.  Once this document is signed and returned, you will be paid (usually within 14 business days after your auction).